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Code Name Image Price    
T Traditional (Plain) $20.00
CH Chocolate Dipped $23.95
CWS Chocolate with Sprinkles $26.95
CWN Chocolate with nuts $28.95
Tm Traditional mini $7.50
CHm Chocolate dipped mini $8.50
SPKm Chocolate with Sprinkles mini $9.50
CHNm Chocolate with Nuts mini $10.50
LT Ladie's T's $18.00
TS Men'sT's $15.00
A Apron $25.00
BLFC Bag of "less fortunate" cookie pieces $6.00
SB Sampler Basket $100.00
SP Simple Pleasures Basket $35.00
CHMS Christmas $25.00
CHK Chanukkah $25.00
SSM Sweet and Salty Mix $8.00
MP Marsh Pops $2.50
MPB Marsh Pop Bouquet $10.00